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When winter comes, a product is likened to “ginseng of the sea” here by the people because it only appears when the weather is coldest with its use and delicious taste. It is seaweed (jam seaweed), a black plant, clinging to rocks in the cold weather, constantly receiving strong waves showing the resilience of this marine flora.

Seaweed harvest season is the season when the sea is rough, and jam seaweed only grows on very cold days. Harvesting seaweed jam is quite difficult. People have to go to the sea in the early morning, in the cold weather, hold their feet firmly on the slippery cliff, hands quickly scrape the seaweed while watching for every big wave hitting the shore. drift people at any time. Witnessing the hard work of getting seaweed jam can you appreciate this specialty dish. Seaweed can be used fresh or dried to use gradually in the summer.

Seaweed jam soup with shrimp meat or fish with a strong taste of the sea is very precious to people, as a specialty usually just for gifts or entertainment for guests to come home. It will be a pity if you come to Go Co village but have not yet enjoyed one of the delicious, strange and nutritious dishes that nature has lovingly bestowed on it.

Seaweed has just been harvested on the rock Go Co

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Anchovy is one of the types of anchovies but very small in size, caught by fishermen every April – May. The tiny anchovies do not have a fishy taste like other fish species, have a sweet taste and characteristic flavor, so the price is quite high. The tiny anchovies can be served dry or fresh as you like.

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Bánh ít mì mang hương vị bùi, dẻo, dai của củ mì kết hợp với lớp nhân dừa tươi béo ngậy làm thành món bánh ít mì tuy đơn giản nhưng hương vị khó quên.

các loại củ


Go Co village is the place where specialty is born from stone. The village also handed down many living customs of the Cham Pa many centuries ago. In which, the terraced fields along the rocky valley are the heritage left by the Cham people and their ancestors of Go Co village.

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Dragon tongue soup – Thung fish

Amid the dry winds and winds of the coastal area, there is a species of tree still standing and growing on the rocky land of Go Co village, representing the extraordinary vitality of the people here, called it by the people with a familiar name: “Dragon Tongue”. Dragon tongue is actually a plant of the

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Ginseng leaf jelly is the name of a dish made from a type of vines, stems and leaves with fine hair, dark green usually grows in natural forests and hilly areas around the Go Co village. Ginseng leaves are crushed and then squeezed to get water, leaving it to freeze. There will be a cooling

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Turmeric flower is a native natural plant native to Go Co village. This plant has a very strong vitality. Turmeric lies deep in the ground, waits until the rainy season is around 8-10 of the lunar calendar, the plants sprout young and flower very beautifully. Turmeric flowers faintly smell of fresh turmeric and have a