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A sunny day of surveying at Go Co Ancient Village – Sa Huynh – The place is being called “treasure” of Sa Huynh Culture land, where is forming a model of community based tourism with support and guidance of Sungco enterprises to build into typical OCOP products.
I am very impressed with the clean little roads leading into the village, the ancient but beautiful bumpy stone paths. An idea arises while walking on these streets, this will be a great concept for a wedding video of couples, simulating a romantic scene when holding hands on a date, giving a first kiss.
The second impression is that the village is very quiet, small inns, small houses, 15 homestays all have very own names for the tourism products of this place. Well, I can’t see bars, karaoke, and candy orchestra


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Standing down from above, Go Co beach is like a highlight that brightens up the picture of Go Co village. For those who are passionate about exploring the countryside still retain their ancient and peaceful features, they will surely be surprised by the beautiful deep blue coastline that is both gentle and wild of Go Co village.

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Ancient Well

Ancient wells can be considered as works to keep cultural and historical marks of Go Co village for thousands of years. Of the 12 old wells present in Go Co village, there are 3 wells (Ba Thang well, Madam Mia well, Mr. Lich well) which are ancient stone wells, a feature that shows the existence of the Cham Pa class

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Go Co rocky beach

Go Co rocky beach is a highlight not to be missed in your journey to discover in Go Co village. That is the result of natural weathering process, fracture activities, volcanic eruptions, creating rocks of different colors with all kinds of interesting shapes dating back 250-400 million years (together dino era).

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Bai Choi and Hat Ho folk song Club

Bai Choi is a typical folk art and folk game in central Vietnam. On December 7, 2017, Vietnam’s Central Bai Choi Art was recognized as the representative intangible cultural heritage of humanity. The Bai Hut art scope includes 11 central provinces and cities from Quang Binh to Binh Thuan (excluding the Central Highlands provinces)