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Standing down from above, Go Co beach is like a highlight that brightens up the picture of Go Co village. For those who are passionate about exploring the countryside still retain their ancient and peaceful features, they will surely be surprised by the beautiful deep blue coastline that is both gentle and wild of Go Co village.

The coastal vegetation of Go Co

Perhaps Go Co beach is one of the few beaches across the Central Coast still retaining the wildness of the coastal natural vegetation. This is what makes the Go Co beach attractive. There are no crowded hotels, restaurants, and food stalls, only nature and nature cram silently squeezed in front of the sea. Standing from the shore and looking at, you will easily recognize some outstanding trees such as pineapple, o ro, date, sweet orange, eagle, maple, cactus, and rosewood. The coastal shrub forest in Go Co village is very useful and abundant. Many species of trees are used for food, such as pineapple buds, pineapple juice, pineapple seeds, date buds, date seeds, cactus; such as sugar oranges, guava, rosemary seeds, rice wine seeds, pomegranates, zucchini, giang leaves, ginseng dew leaves, … And also these products have helped people overcome the times of hunger and difficulties in fierce war period.

Nature is also fair because, despite the dry Go Co weather, the sea is a diverse seafood repository. If you ask the fishermen in the village about the sea, they will tell you about the richness of seafood all year round in Go Co Beach. February, March after Tet is the night of catching squid and rice, harvesting catfish and huan. From April to August is the harvest season for pitfish, nuggets, snails, grouper, barramundi, mackerel, rudder, sea bass, eel, in addition to crabs, snails, seaweed. Type … Winter comes is the harvest season of seaweed jam, Go Co specialties … In the past, there was so much seafood that people had to pay for salt, or other goods in neighboring areas. However, from 1990 to 2000, the large capacity ships with more modern fishing methods from the surrounding areas caused the seafood production in the Go Co Sea area to decrease significantly. In the context of everywhere modernization, the fishermen in the village still keep the traditional simple bamboo boats and only catch enough. Just like that, the sea and the boat are the books, notebooks, and clothes for the children, a source of sustenance for the whole family; of three, four sometimes six or seven. Before and now still the same, day by day, when the sun was just high, the wives were already sitting on the beach looking forward to the sea, waiting for the husband to return to harvest the fish.

The old fisherman is mending his net

The beach is a place of daily life of people. On summer nights, the whole family sleeps with blankets on the beach. The wind brings cool steam from the sea into the comfortable fresh air is a great space for people to enjoy after a hard working day. The sea is also a place associated with the childhood of Go Co, with familiar folk games such as prison, tug of war, kite flying, soccer. Children can make their own kite with tapioca roots, bamboo sticks for frames, and old notebooks as kite bodies. The sea at night is place that people singing Bai Choi, singing Ho, Cai Luong, singing Ba trao. It’s associated with everyone who was born in Go Co.. Although that day did not have modern facilities, but there was a stage somewhere. The floor is made of old steel plates of American soldiers left underneath, the board is paved above. The dim light from the headlights illuminated the whole stage, and the artists took turns appearing as the curtain was pulled out after each role-play scene. After Tet holiday, people took boats to Binh Dinh to pick up the troupe to perform to the village to pray for good weather. People in the village and other villages bustling gather on the beach eagerly to enjoy the performances in the bustling sound of gongs and drums. At that time, Go Co village had the most exciting cultural movement in the region and Go Co beach was a familiar cultural space of the Go Co people. The love for the folk songs of the male and female youths also starts here. This tradition has existed in the village since 1945 and was interrupted when the war against the US became the toughest, most fierce in all of Vietnam from 1972 to 1975. The entire village night at sea did not. This could take place during this period, partly because of bombs and bombings on the village, partly because the villagers had to evacuate the village to find a safer place. However, the delegation of Duc Pho district still came to perform at sea for those who still stayed in the village to encourage the fighting spirit of the army and people in the village. The war was over, after 1975 until 1980, people continued to return to restore the cultural activities on the beach.

Peaceful sunset place when looking from the rocky beach dating back hundreds of millions of years

Today, although such living habits have been disappeared, the beach is still a familiar place, associated with people’s livelihoods, a place where boats are temporarily guarded waiting for the day to go out to sea. People dried tapioca tubers for more delicious meals, where the wife still waits for her husband to bring fish back from afar …. The sea is still gentle, wild, calm beside the cliffs hundreds of millions of years old and The coastal vegetation cover is still intact as before. Every Lunar New Year on the 5th of the 5th lunar month, after the family’s meal, people from old to young in the village invite each other to bathe in the sea to wash bad luck, pray for good luck.

People dry the cassava on the beach at dawn

People are swimming together on insect day

Students are playing folk games on Go Co beach

In the first days of the month and the full moon day, the relatively shallow sea level makes the cliffs more visible. The sea water here in summer is quite gentle, rippling, suitable for visitors to swim and visit. There is nothing better than letting yourself into nature after busy days and find a sense of peace while watching the beautiful scenery that the nature has bestowed on this beach.

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