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Time: 4 days

Departure: Everyday

Vehicles: Cars, super-speed trains, planes



Tour program

“Mang Đen (Kontum) – Go Co village (Sa Huynh) – Ly Son island”

(Time: 4 days)

Vehicles: Car, super-speed train, plane

Mang Den – a place known as an eco-tourism area with a cool, fresh year-round climate with unspoiled primitive forests and mountainous ethnic community villages still retaining the ancient cultural features. old. Sa Huynh is a famous place in the south of Quang Ngai province that contains many mysteries of life. This land seems peaceful with golden sand, blue sea, warm sunshine, but nature and people have undergone changes of nature and history, leaving strong and unique imprints. Mang Den – Sa Huynh Tour will take you on a journey “to the forest – down to the sea”, back to nature, discovering unique ancient cultures and spiritual values coming from the simple life of indigenous communities.


Day 1: Mang Đen - 07h30

Car and guide pick you up at the meeting point in Mang Den town. The group will visit the following locations:
– Khanh Lam Pagoda: The superficial pagoda has beautiful and unique architecture built on a primeval hill, 1,200m higher than sea level.
– Statue of Our Lady of Mang Den: A place known as very sacred, every year tens of thousands of visitors come to visit, where you will be introduced by your guide about the history of the creation of the statue of Our Lady of Mang Den.

09h30: Departure to visit the Pa Sy waterfall eco-tourism area

Departure to visit the Pa Sy waterfall eco-tourism area: It is one of three waterfalls associated with the legend of 7 lakes and 3 waterfalls in Mang Den, including:
+ Garden of statues: with more than 100 statues made from the hands of indigenous artists.
+ Waterfall area: waterfall is white all year round, surrounded by small huts for visitors to rest and enjoy regional specialties here.
+ The communal house area: is a place to exchange gongs, campfire, community motels.
+ Stilt house area: is a house where visitors can stay and experience highland life with local people here.
+ Tree house: is a quiet rest area by a stream, surrounded by trees, giving us the feeling of going back to ancient prehistoric times.

Visit the Pa Sy waterfall eco-tourism area

11h30: Have lunch

Have lunch with specialties of Kon Plong such as: grilled chicken, lam rice, village pig…

13h30: Visiting Thien My Farm

Visiting Thien My Farm. This place grows a lot of clean fruits and vegetables such as chocolate tomatoes, strawberries, … with blooming flowers. Applying organic fertilizer technique on the fertile Central Highlands red soil, so the quality of vegetables and fruits here is very good. In addition, the farm overlooking the white clouds floating in the cold air typical of Mang Den will make visitors feel lost in a rare fairyland.

15h30: Visiting Kon Pring Community Tourism Village

Visiting Kon Pring Community Tourism Village: This is a mountainous ethnic village with the majority of M’Nong people. You will admire the stilt houses with unique architecture and interact with the people in the village.

17h30: Check in hotel, get off and prepare dinner.
18h00: Have dinner
19h30: Campfire program
21h00: Stay at the hotel
Day 2: Mang Đen – Go Co village - 06h30

Having breakfast.

07h30: Get on the bus to continue the journey to Go Co village

Get on the bus to continue the journey to Go Co village – the attraction of Ly Son – Sa Huynh Geopark to learn about Cham Pa and Dai Viet culture on Sa Huynh land.

10h30: Check in homestay.
10h45: Walk in the village

Walk in the village, explore “the road of a thousand miles”, take a rest to drink wild pineapple juice/seaweed (depending on the season), then continue to explore the ancient well system, the ancient Cham Pa irrigation system.

11h30: Have lunch at community restaurant (local house)

Have lunch at community restaurant (local house), enjoy the village’s specialties such as: cactus soup – sea fish; hill chicken cooked with Song Nhong leaves12h30: Take a rest at homestay

Enjoy the specialty of Go Co village

12h30: Group lunch at the homestay.
14h00: Visit the Sa Huynh culture museum

Visit the Sa Huynh culture museum, see firsthand the jars and artifacts, working tools made of ceramic, onyx, stone, …. of prehistoric people; listen to the history of birth and development of Sa Huynh culture, about Sa Huynh cultural space, Sa Huynh pottery.

15h00: Visiting salt fields

Visiting salt fields. Experience harvesting Sa Huynh salt with local salt farmers.

Experience making salt with local saltmakers

16h30: Go swimming in Go Co village

Go swimming in Go Co village. In particular, the group can snorkel and explore the coastal ecosystem (Self-sufficient).

18h30: Have dinner and listened to the song Bai Choi, Ho singing

Have dinner and listened to the song Bai Choi, Ho singing with villagers and heard interesting stories about the history of the revolution as well as preserving the cultural values of Go Co village

21h00: Overnight at homestay


Ngày 3: Go Co – Quang Ngai city – Ly Son island - 05h30

Wake up early and watch the sunrise.

06h00: Get on the bamboo boat to start the journey to discover

Get on the bamboo boat to start the journey to discover the beauty of the landscape, the coastal cliffs of Go Co village and the fishing activities of the villagers, listen to explanations of specific geological value, freely imagine the shapes singularity like dinosaurs hundreds of millions of years ago fossilized; hear about war stories associated with cliffs, … Besides, you can also see the beauty of Hoc Mo cape, Vung Bang beach – where associated with thousands of year old Cham Pa monuments,…

06h30: Visiting Cham Pa inscription

Visiting Cham Pa inscription, trekking the ancient Cham stone path along the hills and mountains connecting with Go Co village, admiring the beauty of the sea and rock cliffs from above.

07h00: Go swimming in Go Co village.
07h30: Have Breakfast at homestay (food service at homestay).
08h30: Group bus to go to Quang Ngai city
09h00: Visiting the Center for promoting the multi-purpose cultural heritage of Quang Ngai.

Visiting the Center for promoting the multi-purpose cultural heritage of Quang Ngai. Here you will learn about the ceramic road on the sea, witness with your own eyes tens of thousands of antiques of 9 ancient shipwrecks from 200-700 years old along the coast of Vietnam. In addition, you will visit the traditional Muong house of Vietnam with thousands of years’ cultural stories at the General Museum of Quang Ngai Province.

10h00: Delegation on the way to Sa Ky port.
11h00: Boarding a high-speed boat to reach Ly Son Island
12h00: Have lunch at the restaurant

Have lunch at the restaurant, enjoy the taste of the sea and islands with famous specialties such as seaweed salad, snail, … Take a rest in hotel.

14h30: Visit the beautiful scenery in Ly Son Island

The car will take you to visit Gieng Tien crater, To Vo Gate – clear traces of volcanic eruptions, visit Mount Liem Tu – the famous “Buddhist temple” of the island. You watch the green garlic, onion, watermelon fields on the way to conquer the top of Thoi Loi mountain. At the position of Ly Son flagpole, overlooking the vast sea and sky, walking to the freshwater lake on the top of the mountain, admiring the panoramic island.

Continue to visit and watch the sunset at Hang Cau with towering cliffs due to geological tectonic activities and the impact of sunshine and wind has created the masterpieces of nature. You are free to swim, catch snails, watch the sunset on a remote island.

18h00: Delegation to the hotel

Delegation to the hotel. Walking around, having rice at the island (There are snails, fried fish eggs, watermelon mussel soup, BBQ sea snails) Group overnight at the hotel.

Day 4: Ly Son – Chu Lai airport - 06h30

Having breakfast.

07h30: Boarding a ship to return to Quang Ngai city.
08h00: Delegation to Quang Ngai city and departure to Chu Lai airport. Bye and see you again!

Lưu ý

  • Please do not bring plastic bags or disposable plastic products into the village;
  • Please bring your own personal belongings used when staying at the homestay;
  • Each homestay can accommodate 2 – 4 guests (male and female do not share 1 room);
  • This tour program is for tour operators for reference only, Go Co village community tourism cooperative only provides travel services, does not organize package tours (land tour)
  • Contact booking service: Ms. Kieu (0979 818 024) – (0935155239)


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