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Project on minimizing domestic solid waste in Go Co village

Project on minimizing domestic solid waste in Go Co village

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Project on minimizing domestic solid waste in Go Co village

The project to minimize domestic solid waste in Go Co village funded by the Pacific Environment is to:
– Contribute to building green – clean – beautiful Go Co village environment
– Converting organic waste into microbiological fertilizers for cultivation
– Raising awareness for local communities “Say no to disposable plastic products”
– Building a pilot model without plastic waste in Go Co village
– Improve awareness for the community of people in Go Co village in sorting waste at source

Project implementation conference

The project with a total budget of 10,000 USD and is implemented from August 1, 2019 to November 16, 2019. Go Co village community tourism cooperatives coordinate with local authorities and communities to implement communication, audit, garbage classification … The project achieved very positive results as follows:
1. Local waste audit
– Conducting community consultation, introducing waste audit program to people and obtaining the consent to participate in the audit of 34 households.
Establish a waste audit team and train the team on methods and schedule of activities.

– Conducted waste collection and waste audit of 34 households. After 8 days of audit (the first day is not included in the results), the audit team has an overall assessment of the waste situation in Go Co village which is shown in the chart:

2. Waste management and treatment measures
– On October 11, 2019, the project supported each household in Go Co village to set 3 trash cans to classify garbage at home, some households also received eco-friendly shopping baskets.
– Organize training courses to sort waste at source for people, set up a waste monitoring team. Visit each household to check regularly, explain, remind and evaluate the ability to sort waste sources (done in 30 days). The results are as follows:

– After separating garbage at home, people handle the waste themselves as follows:
+ Recycling is sold to scrap collectors;
+ Inorganic waste is burned at home;
+ Some households use organic waste as food for livestock and poultry; Some households treat it by burying it in the garden to decompose and improve the soil.

On April 27, 2020, the Go Co Cooperative coordinated with the authority of Long Thanh 2 residential group to equip the people of Go Co village with tools such as: coffee beans, water tanks, garbage classification tables for the purpose of orienting communities to reduce the use of plastic bags and disposable plastic products. Up to now, the people of Go Co village have gradually changed their habits of using plastic bags and disposable plastic products, reducing the amount of inorganic waste discharged into the environment.

– Equip with public trash (120 liters and 240 liters) so that people and visitors do not litter waste indiscriminately, protect the environment, beach landscape and public areas.

3. Raising public awareness about waste and environmental protection
On March 17, 2020, Long Thanh 2 residential group mobilized the community to sign a commitment to environmental protection with the following contents: minimizing the use of plastic bags, saying no to disposable plastic waste, implementing fertilizer. waste at source, protect the environment of the house landscape, village roads, public areas, do not set up tents, shops, do not burn garbage, set campfire on the beach, actively participate in environmental protection schools, … As a result, 143/144 households agreed to sign a commitment to environmental protection (of which 69/70 households of the Go Co village).

– On April 30, 2020, putting up communication signs for local communities and visitors to Go Co village about the harmful effects of plastic waste, thereby reminding people not to use plastic, plastic bags, and do not throw garbage. at the beach and communal places, preserving the common landscape.

– On May 10, 2020, Long Thanh 2 residential group organized the people of Go Go village to clear the trash of Go Co beach area to create a green – clean – beautiful environment and landscape for tourism. The event has received the active participation of the local community, in an effective working day, people cleared and cleaned up trash in Go Co beach area.

4. Build resource recovery station
– To guide the community in waste management and treatment, as well as create a waste tourism destination in Go Co village, the project has built an MRF model with the following items:
+ Equipped with MRF service equipment: compost bin, garbage collection cart, raw materials, organic vegetable growing tools, …
+ Collection of organic waste from some households for composting;
+ Growing organic vegetables.

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