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The Go Co Community School Project

The Go Co Community School Project

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The Go Co Community School Project

The Go Co Community School project was built and implemented by the Go Co village community to create experiential activities to promote the heritage value of Go Co Village Park. The project has formed 4 activities for students who are tourists, including: farmer experience, weaving experience, folk games and cooking experience.

The first bricks

The first group of visitors to Go Co Village Park was a practical learning class from August 17, 2019 to August 22, 2019, including 34 teachers and students from 5 countries: USA, UK, Japan. Nepal, Vietnam with the aim of proposing project ideas for local development based on the resources of the community here. After completing the course, the student group proposed 4 project ideas: knitting, community cultural house, bicycle tour, summer camp project.

Professors Ashley and Dr. Chu Manh Trinh, who are the direct heads of the students returning to Go Co village, have returned and coordinated with the Go Co Village Community Tourism Cooperative to survey local communities. to choose the right project. Discussions are held with associations: farmers, the elderly, women, youth groups for opinion surveys, and project selection. The local community agreed to rename the summer camp project to the project “Community School of GoC Co Village” because it is suitable for criteria related to: community education, livelihoods, and indigenous knowledge. After the discussions, the local community determined the activities, the venue for the organization, and elected the coordination group. The coordination team is responsible for coordinating, establishing and implementing project activities, linking with stakeholders to jointly implement and ensure work progress. The unions also elected team leaders and members for 4 groups to guide 4 activities: Farmer experience, cooking experience, mesh weaving experience and folk games.

Project formation

All members agreed on the activities and built the basic curriculum about the content, project objectives, organization location, target audience, time, duration, program, tools and materials needed. preparation and participants. From the basic syllabus, the coordinating group and the guide groups have completed the process of implementing the activities according to the steps of implementation: Organizing stability, getting to know students, introducing an overview of the activities, introducing introduce the process of implementing the activity, instruct the practice and practice, end the activity.

The coordinating group and the guidance groups have discussed and agreed on the financial mechanism for the implementation of the activities, planning the program, and planning for the trial run of activities in the Go Co Village Community School project. The instruction groups were instructed on how to present and apply the introductory process for greater interactivity.After testing the activities, the instruction groups gained more experience in the implementation. project.

Applying the program to the student class of Da Nang Pedagogical University. Students are very excited and excited to participate in the project activities: farmer experience, cooking experience, mesh weaving experience and folk games. The activities are evaluated by students as very interesting, first experienced, comfortable learning conditions, fresh air, reasonable and easy to understand learning methods. Through the project activities, the students feel and understand more about the lives of local people.


  • Develop more activities and targeted audiences in the project.
  • Connect and introduce the program of the project with schools, individual organizations in the country and internationally.
  • Promote the project activities through information pages: Facebook, website….
  • Call for support in improving technical skills, pedagogical skills for local communities to serve activities in the project.
  • Develop a stable financial sanctions mechanism for activities, contributing to creating tourism products for local CBT activities

Project formation and implementation

See details of Community School experience services here.

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