Catching fish by net

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Experience services by bamboo boat

Go Co village beach is separated from the rest of Sa Huynh golden sand strip, surrounded by two rugged rock cliffs and many thousand-year cultural traces. Fishermen here make a living associated with the sea. One of the most primitive vehicles used by humans is the bamboo boats. Bamboo boats have long been something too familiar to the people of Go Co village. When large and solid wooden boats and iron boats reach each other out to sea, the people of Go Co village still maintain simple and simple wooden boats sticking around the rock cliffs of their homeland.

Go Co rocky beach

The fishermen of Go Co village usually start a new day before dawn. They pushed each bamboo boat into the sea, began to release their nets when the sun was at dawn and came when it was morning. Small boats floating on the sea, one side is the vast sea, the other is a home land in harmony with the sunrise. The women wait on the sand to bring the freshest fish to the market or to serve as a family meal.

Fishermen set sail at dawn

Nowadays, when the CBT started to be formed in Go Co village, fishermen here have set up a boat service team so that visitors can experience the feeling of being a real fisherman. Go Co village boat service team includes 3 services: visit rocky beach, experience fishing, experience spreading nets; the above services are guided by longtime and experienced fishermen.
Visitors can choose to visit rocky beach by traditional bamboo boat to fully see the Go Co village from the sea, especially at dawn. Going along the ganh sightseeing route, visitors will be able to see the scenery bestowed by nature along with the attractions associated with each story of the people of Go Co village such as Salt puddle, Bird Star Cave, Ham Tinh, The egg-shaped rocky beach,… The terrestrial and underwater fauna and flora and the rocky cliffs are in a variety of shapes, allowing visitors to imagine and admire. The imposing stone cliffs surrounding the two sides of the village are adorned with green forests, alternating with caves and bunkers associated with the villagers’ childhood memories. All are expressed through the vivid stories of honest and honest fishermen.

Tourists visit the cliffs by bamboo boat

Tourists who are passionate about the experience can experience the feeling of netting or fishing on their own on the bamboo boats and daily fishing tools of the Go Co fishermen. The sea area of ​​Go Co village has a variety of different types of fish such as mackerel, grouper, rabbit fish, herring, pit fish, … and for each fish species, fishermen use different types of nets to catch. . The feeling of releasing, dragging nets or fishing in the middle of the sea together with fishermen’s fishing experiences will be one of the interesting things about this service.
To experience, visitors should choose the period from April to September each year at the most beautiful and favorable weather of the year to participate in the activities. Trips usually start early in the morning or late afternoon depending on the nature of the three activities above. Along with shiny golden sand, clear blue sea and bumpy rock cliffs; What is more attractive than sitting on bamboo boats, trying the feeling of floating waves and immersing in the nature of the cultural space of thousands of years.


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