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The 15 homestay facilities of Go Co Village Park were formed based on the own criteria, agreed by the villagers. Accordingly, the head of the household must be a native, have at least 3 lives in the village to participate in the accommodation business. Go Co Homestay operates in the spirit of the word “home”. This means visitors will be treated like family members. Guests will be able to eat, stay and experience daily activities with the host. Shopping, cooking, sightseeing, being a farmer, harvesting agricultural products, running handcuffs, netting, … will be activities that visitors will be able to participate in during the time of being a “member” of the family Indigenous Peoples. Not too comfortable or modern, the Go Co homestay has the look of typical coastal houses, combined with the agricultural culture inherited from many generations of his father. Here, the homestay is named based on the most typical features that the whole village is proud of, treasured such as: ancient wells, log huts, ganh, sea urchins, … The whole village is aiming to restore the thatched cottage. used for visitors to experience life in this traditional architecture. Although simple, the community wants to serve tourists in the most thoughtful, sincere and civilized manner. Come to the Go Co homestay and feel the life in harmony with the wild nature and enjoy rare spiritual values.

As you probably know, Go Co Village Park appears with the beauty of geology, geomorphology and geo-cultural markers. And the cliff is a precious asset that nature gave to Go Co. The owner of Ganh hometay is a young couple living mainly on scuba diving. Therefore, their house is also used this lovely name to welcome visitors.

The hostess is a cheerful, vibrant person. You will be served wholeheartedly during your stay here. In addition, rocky beach homestay is equipped with wifi and the family only welcomes guests of the same sex about 2-3 people.


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