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Why do you choose Go Co Village Heritage Park ?

Located on the coastal hilly area, with natural square of only 105 hectra, the village still keeps the original marks of the diverse acculturation from Sa Huynh culture (2.500-3.000 years ago) to Cham Pa culture ( from 7th to 15th century ) to present. The ancient village reveals interesting “cultural fossils” through visiting activities and experience with local people. The village will be a perfect destination to satiate the travelers who loves wildness and civilization.
We always welcome you as a member of Go Co community !

Prospect to become a 5 star village park…

Go Co village is proud to be a destination of Ly Son-Sa Huynh geopark on the journey to the South, with many unique and diverse geological, landscape, environmental, cultural and historical values. This place is nearly a thumbnail of the global geopark. Hence, the indigenous community are endeavoring to build a destination named Go Co Village Heritage Park

Under the co-ordination of the Go Co community tourism cooperative with the main tool: asset-based community development method, community is the centre of every movements, taking community-based tourism as a driving force to connect and cooperate for multi sector development, Go Co village is currently expected to meet the national standards of a 5 star sustainable tourism model named Go Co Village Heritage Park.

Rock– Spirit of Go Co people…

Rock is everywhere. Pathways, fences, ancient wells, streams, terraces,….were meticulously stacked with granite dating around 250-400 million years by Cham Pa people and later, have been inherited and preserved by Go Co people. At present, there remain 12 ancient wells sparsely left around the village along with an ancient rock irrigation system. Visitors will easily recognize the geo-cultural marks during the whole trip. Apart from the current relics, the rocky mountainous terrain and rocky cliff created many typical delightful specialities for visitors. The rocky trenchs and natural caves were the hiding spots for villagers during two fierce wars against French and America soldiers in the old time. One can say that, rock has become a part of Go Co people’s spirit. The daily activities relating to fishing-agriculture at the same time have formed, for the coastal village, the belief and traditions as well as particular intangible cultural activities like: Bai Choi, Hat Ho ( folk songs ).

Back to Dinosaur era…

Weathering activity of specific granite here bestows Go Co a picturesque yellow sand beach that provides a rich seafood source nourishing Go Co people for years. The feature of Go Co beach is big yellow sand particles and calm water, which gives visitors a feeling of savor in safety.

The highlight of Go Co beach is the masterpiece of nature mother made of granite which dates from 250-400 million years (when dinosaurs were alive !). The rocky cliff is not only the perfect home to a plenty of marine species, but also has many values of geology and landscape. The natural weathering process, fault and eruption activities of volcanoes created colourful rocks with several of spectacular shapes. Along the rocky cliff are the visiting spots telling stories about Go Co ( salt pond, Luc Cuc, Ba Than wharf, the Earth god well,….). Moreover, visitors can even imagine many kinds of dinosaur on the rocky cliff.

Edible cacti, Tubers, Seafood and Wild plants- The thousand-year cuisine story

Nature is harsh, yet bestows upon Go Co people with diverse specialities. Scientists suppose, 2000 years ago, in Sa Huynh culture era, the ecosystem in the living space of ancient Sa Huynh people wasn’t much different from the one nowaday. Hence, the current specialities still bear the original hallmarks of the thousand-year culture.

Visitors will feel Go Co taste through many traditional food such as: black seaweed soup, herring salad, sea urchin pie, crab with tamarind source, cactus soup with fish, cactus jam…; glutenous rice cake (It cake), tiliacora triandra jelly…; chicken soup with wild plants, sour herb…;

Community-based service in Go Co village

Every experience and activities in Go Co village has the participation, contribution of the indigenous community, which aims to create authentic and unique experience showcasing stories about cuture, history, geological heritage of this land.

Homestays in Go Co, which still retain the original structural framework, have a certain rustic charm and simplicity, are carefully decorated by the owners from the sign boards named after the typical features of the village or the families to the lush gardens in the front yard or the meals with local specialities telling stories about the livelihood of the owners. All of these makes the visitors feel like home.

The boat group, which is coordinated by the fishmen in the village, will take the visitors to sightsee the breathtaking scenery of the majestic ocean and the spectacular rocky cliff while catching the sunrise/sunset from the traditional boats.

“Community school”, a unique program that only happens in Go Co, will bring out a real experience for participants in a real outdoor class taught by local people. Through these activities, participants will have chance to know the stories about the history, culture and livelihood of the indigenous people.